Massage Styles

Massage Styles

There are so many massage styles out there that it’s sometimes confusing as to what you want or need. So whilst our practitioners are at our bespoke Massage Me training, learning our signature massages like Beanie & Boots, Mega Legs etc. We’ve asked some of our top team members to explain in their own words what you could expect from our different massage options.

My Massage - Customised Massages

At Massage Me, after over a decade of working with our alpine guests, we understand that everybody is different, and so every body will need a different massage. But often, our clients just don’t know what they need from a massage booking.

Which is why for winter 2019/20 we have created our bespoke massage menu, where you choose every aspect of the massage, from pressure to oil to music style. 

But a question often asked by clients is how does a great massage practitioner always seem to know what a body needs and not just what we think we want?