Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage with Massage Me

For when it's time to work on specific muscle groups and get in deep to loosen up those tight tissues.

But whats the difference between Sports and Deep Tissue massage?

A Deep Tissue massage is really just a step up from Swedish massage, with a stronger pressure to really work into chronic tension points and release any attached pain. Sports Massage is when we manipulate muscles and joints to either help muscles recover after exercise OR to prevent possibly injury.

Head Practitioner Bjorn (Meribel & La Tania)

You can book both Sports or Deep Tissue Massage with a professional and experienced practitioner from 30mins/45mins/60mins/90mins. Our practitioners can focus on specific muscle groups within 30 min sessions. However, if you have two or more areas to work on (e.g. thighs and lower back), then we would suggest longer.


I’ve been recommended a sports or deep tissue massage but unsure about which to book?

Deep Tissue massage (although deep!) focuses on newer or smaller areas of tension or stress throughout the body. Sports Massage hones in on larger, older or more established knots or previous injuries. Massage Me’s qualified and experienced sports massage practitioners have more extensive knowledge of anatomy than those with a holistic/relaxing background. This means they will conduct things like a postural consultation and discuss any injuries with you before proceeding to the treatment.

Are sports or deep tissue massages painful?

With both styles of treatment, they aren’t specifically relaxing and so you might feel some discomfort as the Massage Me practitioner works on you to release engrained muscle tension. However our team will keep communicating with you to make sure you are comfortable and not in any pain.

It is quite common however to feel some soreness or a little achy in the days after a sports massage. This will wear off over 48 - 72 hours.

What are the benefits of Sports massage?

Sports massage is the right choice if you have e.g. a reoccurring injury to a muscle group, which is common to sports like skiing or snowboarding. It is also a great option to PREVENT injury. So if you know that you are likely to experience a repeat injury/issue, take a sport massage early in your holiday to prevent injury later.

Sports massage is also a great option if you are looking to improve your performance - perhaps you have an intense week of off piste back country skiing - or maybe you are skiing for the first time and looking to make that adult learning experience easier! Sports massage early/repeated during your holiday can really elevate your experience!

What are the benefits of Deep Tissue massage?

The whole point of deep tissue massage is to get deep into your muscles. The Massage Me practitioner will keep in communication with you to gradually build up pressure throughout the session. This build up is important to make sure that your body warms up to the specific style of touch and pressure. For example, don’t be surprised when your practitioner uses elbows, fists, thumbs and knuckles to apply deep and consistent pressure!

When NOT to take Sports or Deep Tissue massage

Look at our other options if you :

  • Like a more relaxing massage - go for Swedish massage

  • Don’t like a hard pressure massage or are very sensitive to touch - again, go for a Swedish massage

  • Have a specific injury you want treatment for - try physiotherapy

  • Are pregnant - check out our mum-to-be massages for advice