Massage Styles

There are so many massage styles out there that it’s sometimes confusing as to what you want or need. So whilst our practitioners are at our bespoke Massage Me training, learning our signature massages like Beanie & Boots, Mega Legs etc. We’ve asked some of our top team members to explain in their own words what you could expect from our different massage options. 

Then, when you come to visit us this winter, you’ll know exactly what you want (and we’ll figure out what your body needs!)

Holistic, Relaxing Swedish Massage

For when it's time to ease tension, relieve stress and promote an all over sense of well being.

Swedish massage is one of the most classic massage techniques. The Massage Me team use long, soft, kneading strokes, to focus on the top layers of muscles. We also look to manipulate joints to stretch out your limbs.

Head Practitioner Heather (Paradiski : La Plagne)

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Like the yin to the yang, a Deep Tissue massage is really just a step up from Swedish massage.

A deep tissue massage uses a stronger pressure than Swedish to really work into chronic tension points and release any attached pain. Sports Massage is when we manipulate muscles and joints to either help muscles recover after exercise OR to prevent possibly injury. 

Practitioner Bjorn (Meribel & La Tania)


A physiotherapy session with one of our professional therapists is completely customised to your specific needs. This means that an initial consultation is essential to assess your exact needs. 

It is important that you understand what we are doing to your body and why. We will explain what is going on every step of the way. Teaching you how to help yourself is one of our key aims. 

Ginny (Alpine Therapies Founder, Three Valleys)

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage can be a safe way for women to get a massage during pregnancy. A massage from one of Massage Me’s qualified pregnancy practitioners can help reduce pregnancy body aches, reduce stress, and ease muscle tension.

During both my pregnancies, a massage was not only a treat, but a necessity! The feeling of a professional practitioner, experienced with pregnant bodies, working out the kinks in my lower back, calves and feet was bliss!

Jen, Sales & Marketing Manager (Aime Office)


Many people who have facials do so for the relaxing experience, but a facial should also be about good skin care.

Typically in cold temperatures, water evaporates out of your skin, sometimes leaving it dry and flaky. The hydrating organic products used in the Massage Me facials can reduce redness associated with irritated, dry winter skin (and even plump the skin to remove and smooth fine lines).

A facial is a great way to treat winter worn skin. After a session, my skin always feels softer, rehydrated and ready for the winter weather!

Christelle (Spa Manager, Chamonix)

MY Massage

Massage Me Mobile Team 2018/19

We know that when most people book a massage, they just don’t know what they are going to need when our practitioner arrives. Which is why for this winter, we are excited to launch our completely customisable Massage Bar. 

All you need to do is choose the day and time you want the massage, how long you would like, then head online or call our team to book. Then relax and wait for your Massage Me practitioner to arrive. 

With them, you can then choose : 

  • Pressure & style of massage

  • What needs massaging

  • Oil

  • Music

...and away you go. The fact that you don’t need to choose anything at the time of booking is great news for bodies that are going to be skiing hard, perhaps for the first time this winter. It’s also great for those wanting to book a massage as a gift. 


So there you go. A little crash course in what to expect from our different massage options. For more information on any of our menu options, checkout the pages dedicated to each massage style.