Prenatal Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage with Massage Me

Its all about you... for now! Our massages can be tailored for you & your bump.

Prenatal massage can be a safe way for women to get a massage during pregnancy. A massage from one of Massage Me’s qualified pregnancy practitioners can help reduce pregnancy body aches, reduce stress, and ease muscle tension.

As all our office ladies can attest to, in the same way every baby when they arrive is unique, every pregnancy is different, with it’s own joys and difficulties! If you are booking a prenatal massage for yourself or for a loved one, whilst you can book online we’d recommend giving our Customer Care team a call to discuss your specific situation and needs.

During both my pregnancies, a massage was not only a treat, but a necessity! The feeling of a professional practitioner, experienced with pregnant bodies, working out the kinks in my lower back, calves and feet was bliss!

Jen, Sales & Marketing Manager (Aime Office)

A pregnancy massage is all about creating a peaceful, relaxing ambience. The session should be at least 45 mins - 90 mins to allow you to fully relax and appreciate the massage.


What sort of massage is a pregnancy massage?

Prenatal massage uses mild pressure similar to Swedish massage. The therapist will focus on areas such as your lower back, hips, and legs. You can be fully or partially undressed depending on your comfort level.

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

Pregnancy massage will help you feel good, hurt less, and sleep better. has been proven to reduce swelling, pressure on weight-bearing limbs and provide relief from muscle cramps and spasms. Overall, you'll be a happier... and who doesn't want THAT?

Is pregnancy massage dangerous?

In a word, no. Prenatal massage during a normal pregnancy is not harmful at all and supports a healthy pregnancy.

You can get a massage at any time during your pregnancy. However, if you are during your first trimester, or have had any complications in previous - or this pregnancy, we strongly recommend you consult your GP prior to taking any style of massage.

HELP! I’m so uncomfortable! How will I be comfortable for a whole hour on the massage table?!

During the massage, you can either lie on your side or on your back, or a combination of the two throughout the session, which is more likely. The Massage Me practitioner will then use cushions, pillows and/or bolsters to support specific areas of your body - like your bump, and elevate certain areas like your legs. Communication is the name of the game here and your practitioner will check in with you throughout the session to make sure you are always comfortable and relaxed.

When NOT to take pregnancy massage

Look at our other options if you :

  • Have diabetes, vomiting bouts or high blood pressure, do check with your doctor before receiving a prenatal massage.

  • Have experienced spotting or are classed as a high risk pregnancy

  • Are experiencing any level of illness (cold, flu, morning sickness etc)

  • Suffer from dizziness or light-headedness during pregnancy