Beat the Winter Blues

It’s true that life in the mountains is beautiful. The snow, the frosty air, the stunning blue skies make for an Instagram-worthy holiday or lifestyle. But last week, as I walked to work, it was to the serenade of a thousand hacking chesty coughs. And I realised, that it was that dreaded time of winter: You’ve been working non-stop to get your chalet or business up and running; then got hit in the face by Christmas and New Year - oh and to top it off, lets just throw in a couple of meters of snow to make life slightly more challenging - but beautiful of course!

And now January has arrived, we all breathe a sigh of relief, eye up our under-used skis or board and bam! Flu season arrives in force!

And really, is it any wonder that after 6 weeks of non-stop working/drinking/skiing your body is burnt out? Time to make some changes.

So what the best way to keep clear of the lurgy this winter? Here’s our top tips for staying on your A game this year.



Goggle tan.png

The sun …  that big yellow thing in the sky yes? I know, it’s been a while since we’ve seen it this season. But try and get outside in the daylight. Some days [insert transfer day here] you get up in the pitch black, work non-stop all day and head home (often via the bar) in the dark. Even worse, if you live in your chalet sometimes days can pass and you realise you haven’t stepped outside - going to the doorstep for a fag does NOT count!

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing people! Lack of sunshine can lead to depression, sluggishness, trouble sleeping, irritability and weakened immune system. It really is stunning living here so take a moment to just take a look around and appreciate that you live somewhere that people pay thousands of pounds to visit for a week. You’ll feel healthier for getting outside and you’ll feel a bit smug too!



Get to bed early! Mum always says “nothing good happens after midnight” and having worked seasons for over a decade, I’d have to say she’s not wrong! Take advantage of the apres lifestyle which means, you can ski/work all day, and enjoy a little celebration, but be done by 8pm, have some dinner and go to bed! Get your full 8 hours sleep - you need it.

Eat well

We’re all guilty of it, the alarm sounds (when you should get up) ... but you also know that you can hit ‘snooze’ 3 times, sack-off breakfast and have a few extra minutes in bed. Then you end up running up the road, stuffing jaffa-cakes in your mouth (they have oranges in them, right?!) to keep you going until lunch.

Lunch will be a mix of whatever is left over from guest dinner last night (think carbs by the plateful) and some cake from afternoon tea, if you’re lucky!

Dinner … well whatevers to hand right? Super noodles / pizza from the bar / or let's be honest, beers followed with jagar for dessert.

Hmmm… not ideal. Time for some improvements. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic juice-fast / veganism-is-my-life movement! Swap those biscuits for a banana, and think about sitting down to eat it… shocking I know. At lunch, again, keep it light, but get some colour (other than yellow) on your plate. Dinner, try to make time to just sit and eat something - odd are, you’re cooking in the kitchen, so make a little something for yourself - don’t just taste and nibble. That’s when you end up in the bar later filling up on pints and pizza.


drink water (1).png

I know - we’re all pros at it by now, right? But I’m talking water not beer/jagar/toffee vodka. You know you need to drink more water but let’s be honest, it’s hard work to keep on top of when you’ve got a life right? Not just the actual drinking but the constant toilet stops - especially when you’re out skiing wearing layers upon layers…

Top tip I have, keep a bottle of water by your bed and when your alarm goes off in the morning, just drink the whole thing. It will completely flush you out and get you ready for the morning. Plus you can do it with your eyes closed whilst you’re still in bed!

And for every pint of alcohol, you need to up your water intake to avoid the raging dehydration hangover tomorrow!

Wash your hands (...and the rest)

I know, it’s too simple right? But seriously, who out there is guilty of working the morning, getting changed for skiing, racing through lunch and heading up the mountain, cutting it a bit tight… flying down that last run on pure adrenaline and racing back to the evening shift…. Hang-on where does the shower fit in? When you think about it, it’s pretty rank. You wouldn't hit the gym head back to work in the same clothes so why do it in the mountains? Take literally 5-10 mins to regroup, have a quick shower and freshen up before heading back to work.

Please, just do it.

Oh, and if you have kids / work in any kind of contact with kids, I’d get the hand-gel out and use it throughout the day! It doesn’t replace the hand washing, but it does help keep sticky-germ-ridden kids spreading their nasties to you!


You don’t need to join the gym, just get up the hill and go skiing or boarding. After all, it’s why we are all here! Plus, you know you’ll feel better for it, physically and mentally.

Today's To Do List....png


So there we go, our top tips. Looking back, it’s like a list of instructions for kids : daylight = awake; eat; sleep; wash; ski. Repeat as necessary. Simple.





The Ski Show

So I’m sat on the train on the way to Geneva airport to head to the Telegraph Ski show this weekend. Always a great event, it really gets everyone buzzing about the coming season – and with the snow having just started falling and the temperature well and truly dropping, I know I’m not the only one getting excited about winter. At Massage Me HQ, we’ve got all our fingers and toes cross for a big snow winter!

So, onto the show. Massage Me are going to be there – well Olivia and I will be there working the crowds and fitting as much as possible into the days as we can. Which has got me thinking about what the best stall and events are going to be. With so much to see and do, it’ll be hard to cram it all into a couple of days, so here’s our top 5 things to try and fit in if you’re going.

1.     Head to the park & watch the UK’s top skiers and boarders showcase.


Over the 4 days, there’s a jam-packed schedule, so bag yourself a good spot and support the pros and they show us how it’s really done.

-       A 50ft real snow kicker has been erected – Mount Battersea if you like! – and Britain’s best will be competing and training and basically showing their skills in the run up to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang this February.

-       Jibworx are also hosting their rail jam University-Tour finals “Downtown Throwdown” which was a huge success last year. Go watch uni students throw down over the 4 days to be crowned kings & queens of the jam.

-       The Brits style session and London big air comp are also happening. Its events like these that give the up and coming UK talent somewhere to launch themselves from. Olympians like James ‘Woodsey’ Woods and Murray Buchan have competed in previous years.

2.     Go meet David Hasslehof who has switched his Baywatch boardie’s for salopettes this winter… Enough said…


But seriously, there are some legit UK hero’s there this winter though, and with things like the premiere of Depth Perception, the new Travis Rice snowboarding epic, we can only imagine that the pros will be there in force rubbing shoulders with the crowd.

If you want to bag a seat for Depth Perception, it’s screening on Friday at 1930 – 2030. The riders will be in the Powdair Lodge after the screening to answer questions (2030 -2100). You can’t pre-book a ticket and its walk-ups only so make sure you get there early.


3.     Brush up on your technique with a free video analysis session with Warren Smith Ski.

Footage of you skiing will be analysed by the Warren Smith pro team and analysed on a one to one basis to help skiers improve. We can only imagine this will be super popular so get there early to book a slot.

4.     Buy some stuff…

There’s always loads of bargain to be had at the show. There will be the big players like Snow + Rock telling you what’s cool this winter. But what’s also great is the smaller, independents that will be there like: Burnt Custard, Mojo Clothing, McNair and Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club – arguably the best name out there! The show is often the platform for a lot of smaller UK brands to launch and try and make their name.

5.     Eat & drink some stuff…

Hosting arguably the first après of the season at the Powdair Lodge, you can be sure there will be bombs flying (of the jagar variety of course) and beer and wine flowing freely. It’s also time to get an early tartiflette in you with the stalls of course all mountain themed and the food reminding you of those long-lunches on the hill last winter.



PLUS DON’T FORGET!! It’s competition time!


We’ve got 2 x 60mins massages up for grabs at the show. All you have to do to win is :

Just get one of our flyers from Olivia or Jen

Find some friends and strike a pose with the flyer in the foreground

Post it to any of our social media pages & tag your mates

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @MassageMeAlps to be in with a chance of winning

Head over to our menu and see what you’re going to treat yourself to when you win!

Winners will be picked on the 1st Nov and announced on our social media.

So there you go. If you haven’t got tickets for the show yet, you still can, just email and check out there link here for a full list of what’s going on and when.


So what’s this new launch all about?

Imagine, a world where relaxation is delivered to your doorstep. That’s Massage Me’s mission. Now. officially the largest mobile massage company in the French alps, Massage Me have been in the business of relaxation for over 10 years. Not content with just expanding into more resorts this winter, Masssage Me are also going Digital! New for winter 2017/18, at the touch of a button, Massage Me’s therapists will be on stand-by for you, whenever and wherever you want. Now that’s luxury!

  • Left work to catch a flight to the alps and stuck on a 3 hour bus journey with crying kids? Get online and have a therapist waiting for you when you walk in the door of your chalet.

  • Forgot your husband’s birthday? Book him something special whilst you’re on the chair lift (he’ll never know you forgot!).

  • Can’t move after tackling that last mogul field of the day? Have a massage booked before you’ve drunk your first apres vin chaud.

It’s really that simple.

Launched 10 years ago, owner Anna Beadle was a lone therapist providing treatments around her local village in Peisey-Nancroix. Today the business thrives with a team of over 20 professional, mobile therapists and adds to its belt management of the luxurious SUMMIT SPA in the first ever Alpine Hyatt-Centric Hotel. Massage Me really is a local success story.

“We’re really proud to say that from feedback over the last 4 years, 99.3% our our clients would recommend us to their friends and family. It’s our dedication to customer care from day one that has made this scale of growth possible and Massage Me the success it is today”

Anna Beadle, Owner & Company Director

So, what are you waiting for? Head to our booking page now to book your own little slice of heaven.