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My Massage Me

At Massage Me, after over a decade of working with our alpine guests, we understand that everybody is different, and so every body will need a different massage. But often, our clients just don’t know what they need from a massage booking.

Which is why for winter 2019/20 we have created our bespoke massage menu, where you choose every aspect of the massage, from pressure to oil to music style. 

But a question often asked by clients is how does a great massage practitioner always seem to know what a body needs and not just what we think we want?

How do they know?!

Often, you’ll know that you have a sore back, but your practitioner will seem to know WHY and will often hit the exact spot or muscle that needs their attention.

Then sometimes, you think your shoulders need a massage, but the therapist will hone in on your lower back, which will trigger a relaxation throughout your entire back. How do they know exactly what to do?


The first step of the Massage Me booking is always a consultation. It’s really important to our Massage Me team that they are in constant communication with you as the client. Now is when you can make sure they know anything important for the coming massage. Things like : 

  • Problem areas or pre-existing issues (injuries, sore sports etc)

  • Allergies 

  • What you want to achieve from the massage : relaxation, loosen tight muscles etc

If you’ve booked the customisable massage option, now is also the time to decide what 

  • Massage style and pressure preference

  • Oil you’d like to use : winter warmer, stress head or simply grape

  • Music : chilled tunes, acoustic guitar, whale song....

The Massage

The practitioner will then get started. It’s important that you are happy and comfortable throughout your session and so the practitioner will stay in constant communication with you. BUT this doesn’t mean you have to talk for the whole session. It’s not a social event, so don’t worry about making small talk.

This is when it often seems like your massage practitioner is some kind of mind-reading wizard, but really, they are just great at reading your body and knowing what your muscles need. At Massage Me we recruit only professional practitioners who can demonstrate that they understand and can read the muscles of the body. By using their intuition, the practitioner will notice anything untoward going on with your muscles. But make sure to keep communicating with your practitioner and if you’re at all uncomfortable - or something feels great! - make sure to let them know. 

The aftercare

At the end of your session, make sure to talk to your practitioner to find out what they would recommend for ongoing self-care. They will be in a great position to recommend things like suitable stretches, self massage styles and also how to maintain the current massage-high you’re currently riding! Check out our aftercare pages though if you want to understand a little more about how to keep the wellbeing feeling rolling and rolling. 


But, in case you wondered, here are some things your massage practitioner will know by the end of your session! Put together from feedback with our top team! 

  • You’ve been playing too many video games

  • Whether you’re a screen / texting addict

  • You’ve been sat at a desk, staring at a computer screen, week in week out

  • If you’re suffering with allergies

  • Whether you’ve been drinking enough water or not

  • Your shoulder bag or handbag is far to over loaded…

  • How much time you’ve been spending in the winter snow vs cozied up in your chalet!

  • Whether you’ve been “over-indulging” on [food / alcohol / smoking]*delete as appropriate!

  • You’ve been out there having fun and getting some exercise