Swedish Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Swedish Massage with Massage Me

For when it's time to ease tension, relieve stress and promote an all over sense of well being.

Swedish massage is one of the most classic massage techniques. The Massage Me team use long, soft, kneading strokes, to focus on the top layers of muscles. We also look to manipulate joints to stretch out your limbs.

Head Practitioner Heather (Paradiski : La Plagne)

You can book a Swedish massage with a professional practitioner from 30mins/45mins/60mins/90mins. However, we’d recommend at least 60 mins as the aim of Swedish massage is to use long, gentle movements to relax the entire body.


What is the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue massage?

Deep Tissue massage targets specific muscle groups, with harder pressure to reach the deeper muscle and fascia, more commonly called the connective tissue.

What are the benefits of Swedish massage?

This style of massage is really for those looking to ease tension and to relax. The long graceful movements use a light, but firm pressure aimed at loosening up tight muscles

When to take Swedish massage

A Swedish massage is an ideal session to start your holiday. A 60 minute Swedish massage will give you enough time to loosen up a body more accustomed to an office setting than the mountains. A Massage Me practitioner can meet you at your chalet on your arrival day, ready to make sure you hit the slopes on day feeling great.

When NOT to take Swedish Massage

Swedish massage might not be for you if you :

  • Like a hard and deep pressure massage (try either Deep Tissue or Sport massage)

  • Want to target a specific muscle group or ache - again deep tissue or sports is the way to go.

  • Have a specific injury you want consultation for - try physiotherapy

  • Are pregnant - check out our mum-to-be massages and advice