Fab Facials

A sumptuous range of facials which your Massage Me practitioner will tailor to your skin's specific needs. Many people who have facials do so for the relaxing experience, but a facial should also be about good skin care.

Typically in cold temperatures, water evaporates out of your skin, sometimes leaving it dry and flaky. The hydrating organic products used in the Massage Me facials can reduce redness associated with irritated, dry winter skin (and even plump the skin to remove and smooth fine lines)

A facial is a great way to treat winter worn skin. After a session, my skin always feels softer, rehydrated and ready for the winter weather!

Christelle (Spa Manager, Chamonix)

Our Fab Facials are 60 mins long. However, you can take a Slopeside Serenity booking, which combines a mini 30 min facial with a 30 min customised massage. This is one of our most popular treatments to get as a gift for a loved one, or for a teen experiencing their first massage or facial.

combine a massage with your facial



For head, shoulders, knees & toes. This is the full works to get you in peak condition.

Stress Head WEB.jpeg


For those who want to enjoy the final days of their holiday as much as the first.



Ease away stress and get in top condition with this back, neck & shoulder massage.



From the shoulders up, this is a must for when your inner-self needs a hug.


After a day in ski or board boots, treat your legs & feet to some much needed TLC.


Customize a re-energising massage & re-hydrating facial for winter-weathered skin.


What products do the Massage Me facials use?

We use the Naturally Thinking product range, who use the finest natural botanicals and extracts, grown in their fields on the Surrey Downs for purity and skin efficacy.

What are the benefits of getting a facial?

A facial is designed to not only improve your skin, but also to relax your body and mind. Depending on the type of facial you take, your skin will feel rehydrated, redness will be reduced and circulation massaged and increased.

When to take book a facial

Book a facial on any day ending in ‘Y’… Seriously though, at the start of your holiday travel worn skin will really appreciate some TLC - plus think of the benefit of how great you’ll look in your holiday snaps! But they are also great at the end of the week, to sooth winter worn skin and hydrate you ready for the journey home.

When NOT to take a facial

A facial is not be for you if you :

  • Have highly sensitised skin, prone to reactions or allergies

  • You have any open wounds on your face such as eczema or open acne sores

  • You have sunburn or a wind burnt face

  • You are suffering from any illnesses e.g. cold, flu, nausea etc