Top ten reasons to book a massage

Whatever your ski plans are, whether it’s the beginner slopes for you, tackling the back country or chasing the kids around resort, Massage Me have the treatment to keep you fighting fit from day one to the last lift of the holiday.

  1. Reduce muscle soreness and tension - relax and unwind tired muscles - whether from a day’s skiing or a long transfer day, Massage Me have got your back - and neck, shoulders, legs…

  2. Reduce recovery time - Tight muscles throughout your holiday can really ruin your enjoyment. A massage can help reduce recovery time so that each morning you are at your freshest for whatever the day throws at you.

  3. Improve flexibility - Relaxing the muscles through massage can limber you up helping to prevent common injuries. Just think, a Massage Me therapist could be at your chalet before the lifts are even open to warm you up, ready for the day ahead.

  4. Improve circulation - Swedish massage techniques improve blood flow, ultimately aiding muscle recovery. This can also help nip small muscle-niggles in the bud before they flourish into full blown injuries.

  5. Improve joints and range of motion - Sports and deep tissue massage techniques target specific tissues and ligaments around your joints increasing your mobility, again helping you stay safer out on the mountain.

  6. Increase relaxation and sleep quality - Massage can really help improve your downtime and with signature oils like Stress Head and Winter Warmer, Massage Me can take that relaxation to the next level. 

  7. Reduce anxiety - The therapeutic benefits of massage can have a calming effect and help not just your body but your mind relax. A treatment like Beanie & Boots, or Just Beanie, can also really focus on the head, neck and shoulders to increase blood flow to this area and ease tension and stress.

  8. Reduce blood pressure - Massages are proven to help reduce stress and improve heart health and whilst a holiday should be super relaxing, sometimes it can be stressful - let Massage Me deliver some relaxation to your door and help you manage those anxieties!

  9. Improve body awareness - Massage can help improve body awareness, giving you greater control over those flailing limbs as you tumble down the slopes.

  10. Promote self care - It’s not just for skiers! Massage Me have a great range of indulgent treatments as well, from Fab Facials to Pregnancy Massage. Elevate your chalet experience with a tailored spa day and have a couple of therapists come and look after your whole party … or just you!

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