Every Body Deserves a Massage

We know, we know.  You’re really busy.  You can’t take the time.  You shouldn’t spend the money.  Other people’s needs take precedence over your own.  Did we forget any? Oh yes – you’re sure the tight muscle will go away on its own.  These are just a few of the many excuses people make for why they should not get a massage. 

But we know that massage is for everyone, especially you. At Massage Me we know that everybody is different and so every body’s needs are different. This is why our menu is completely customizable, to make sure that the most important thing gets taken care of - YOU!

Massage Me brings something for the whole party 

It’s a well-used phrase in the mountains that people are never as fit as they want to be for that first chair of the season. Whether you’re heading to the mountains for the first time ever or the first time this winter, there can be some anxiety about how your body is going to hold up! 

But it’s not just about the skiers. Often there is at least one member of a family, couple, or group that doesn’t ski. Plus we all know that travelling and holidaying with friends and family brings its own pressures and dynamics. You need to make sure you take care of both your body and your mind.

This winter, if you’re searching for something for the whole crew to enjoy, look no further. Order up a round of après … massages?! Sure, it would be easy to sample that vin chaud or pop the cork on a bottle of the local tipple, but first do something that your future-self will thank you for! 

Skiers & Snowboarders

When you’ve been skiing hard all day, whether it's the green runs for you or off-piste backcountry, it can leave you feeling sore, stiff and dreading the next morning.

Massage for skiing and snowboarding

The professional Massage Me team are experienced with skiers, snowboarders and athletes bodies. Their understanding of your body will smooth out any niggles and prevent them turning into full-blown problems. 

If you’re expecting a full-on week of activity, you could have your practitioner reserved and on hand every evening, ready for you (and your friends!) when you get back from the slopes. Perfect. 


If you’re not skiing but looking to fully experience alpine relaxation, Massage Me also has a warming menu of things like mum-to-be massage, fab facials and slopeside serenity sessions. The team are available from 8am - 8pm, so you can wait till the chalet has emptied out and then chillout with a daytime visit from the massage specialists.  You could even reserve a couple practitioners to come to your chalet and create a full day of relaxation for you and your favourite people!

Massage for Families

Kids & families

The Massage Me team are qualified to provide massage for children from the age of 6 upwards. Your kids can banish the stresses from sports, skiing and school with a massage, tailored to your child’s developing muscles.

Or imagine having a parent & child bonding day, side by side massages together, or some facials where your child can begin to learn the importance of a basic skincare routine.

Or, even better, set your kids up with some massage quality time, and you enjoy quality peace and quiet whilst they are on the massage table. A double win.