New Years Eve : Eat, Drink and be Merry!

It’s here, not just the holiday season - but the FESTIVE holiday season! Which can either fill you with excitement or dread, depending on how you plan to spend New Years Eve. 

But either way, there is often no escaping feeling a little worse for wear come Jan 1st 2020 - whether it’s alcohol induced or lack of sleep. So what is a person to do if you’ve over-indulged and find yourself starting January not quite as your ‘best self’?


If you didn't remember to keep your water levels topped up last night, then make is a priority today. It's often a good idea to include some sugar and salts in there, so think some squash or syrup - or if things are really bad, dig out the rehydration salts from the first aid kit! 

Of course a good shot of caffeine will help, but don’t forget that caffeine is a diuretic (dehydrator) and so don’t think that your cup of tea or coffee can replace your water glass. 

Eat, drink and be merry with Massage Me

Get out there!

It can be tempting to huddle down in your cozy chalet bed for the morning. But trust us, get your ski gear on and get outside! It’s a well known fact that the morning of Jan 1st will be one of the quietest on the slopes, so feel smug and go enjoy! 

Again, if you’re not feeling tip top, you can always ski to an idyllic restaurant to toast in the new year - keep that water glass close to hand though! 

Eat Well

If the morning is leaving you craving something greasy and fried, go for it. But think to perhaps replace the sausage and bacon with extra eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach etc. The former whilst delicious, will leave you feeling dehydrated by mid morning. Top up on the veggies to promote a more satisfied feeling of wellbeing. 

Work it out

Before heading to bed tonight, perhaps try some soft stretching to ease out muscles and promote the removal of those toxins. Why not try some simple yoga or pilates moves, easily found online - or if you’re feeling really fancy, why not try someone like Alpine Therapies who can offer private sessions in both. 


Get to bed early tonight! Mum always says “nothing good happens after midnight”. Perhaps take advantage of the après lifestyle which means, you can ski all day, and enjoy a little celebration, but be done by 8pm, have some dinner and go to bed! Get your full 8 hours sleep - you need it. 

If you’re struggling to sleep, have a look at our guest blog post, courtesy of on how to promote better sleep patterns.