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Now recruiting for summer 2018 and winter 2018 / 19 positions

You can’t buy happiness...

...but you can buy a massage and a lift pass and that’s pretty close!

Taking the leap to join Massage Me is not just a job but a lifestyle choice. Set up by people with a passion for alpine life - whizzing down a mountain on a board, skis or a bike is where our hearts lie.

Life should have more emphasis on 'work to live' and not 'live to work' and when your passion is your work, it’s easy. Working hard and providing an excellent service so that we can live in such a beautiful place is a privilege which we thank our lucky stars for every day. Oh, and don't forget having loads of time off play too!


Massage Me partner only with professional, experienced and motivated therapists. If you want to strive to offer the best possible  service to your clients, then Massage Me is the place for you. 

Confused? Whats the difference?

Flexi therapists are therapists who are interesting in boosting their income, so perhaps the role with Massage Me is a second source of income. You will commit less time to working for Massage Me and as such, we do not guarantee a set level of work, but a highly competitive wage rate.

Freelance therapists working with Massage Me is your main job and source of income. You have guaranteed working hours per week and so a reliable income for the season.

Spa therapists work in our managed spa facilities, the Hyatt Centric Hotel, La Rosière. This is not a mobile role as you work in one fixed location. 

what are you waiting for?

Click through to the different job roles to learn more and fill out the enquiry form to join us in the mountains.


Massage Me work with several events throughout the summer, treating participants pre and post event. These events, as you can imagine are a lot of fun! You'll work hard, and sometimes long hours but it'll be an experience to remember! 

If you join us for the summer season, you will definitely have the opportunity to get involved at these events! 

Need some Training?

Interested, but need to get your skills refreshed? Why not check out Massage Me's School, running courses throughout summer 2018. 

Happy Staff = Happy Guests!


“The fact that someone else was dealing with all the bookings and I’ve been able to work non-stop since starting with Massage Me has been great. I’ve had loads of experience in providing different levels of treatment. Plus, I’m learning to ski and have had loads of time to get out with friends.” Anna, Les Gets.


“I was worried about how much traveling from chalet to chalet there would be and driving in the snow! But actually, it’s been really easy. I’ve probably only put snow chains on once or twice over the whole season because the roads are always being kept clear by the road-clearers.” John, Peisey.


“I’ve loved how friendly everyone is, from the other therapists and the Massage Me support team to all the other seasonnaires (staff). People out here really know how to get the most out of their time and seem to just love what they do. Plus, it really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever traveled to!” Sam, Bourg Saint Maurice.