The Classics

30min 45€
45min 63€
60min 80€
90min 110€



It's time to ease tension, relieve stress and promote an all over sense of well being.



A targeted massage designed to reduce fatigue and loosen tight muscles.


Winter Wonders



For head, shoulders, knees & toes. This is the full works to get you in peak condition.

45min 63€

60min 80€



For those who want to enjoy the final days of their holiday as much as the first.

45min 63€

60min 80€



Ease away stress and get in top condition with this back, neck & shoulder massage.

45min 63€

60min 80€

Stress Head WEB.jpeg


From the shoulders up, this is a must for when your inner-self needs a hug.

30min 45€

Stress Head WEB.jpeg


After a day in ski or board boots, treat your legs & feet to some much needed TLC.

30min 45€



Customize a re-energising massage & re-hydrating facial for winter-weathered skin.

60min 85€

Indulge Yourself



A sumptuous range of facials which we will tailor to your skin's specific needs.

60min 85€



Its all about you... for now! Our treatments can be tailored for you & your bump.

60min 80€


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re an experienced massage-receiver or a first timer on the couch, there are always some questions that fly through your mind as you approach a treatment. Massage Me firmly believe that a good massage can improve your overall wellbeing - both mentally and physically.
So we’ve put these FAQ’s together to ease any worries that you might have and help you relax your mind so we can get to work relaxing your body.

Q: What can I expect during my treatment?

A: The key thing to remember is that this treatment is all about you. Your therapist will arrive to your accommodation 10 minutes before your treatment is set to start. When your therapist meets you, they will ask you to fill out a consultation form whilst they set up the massage area. They will then discuss with you any specific requirements or requests you may have. This is when you must mention any medical conditions that you have.

After that, your therapist will either leave the room while you undress to your level of comfort, or hold a towel up as a screen whilst you lie down on the massage table, covering you with the towel once you are comfortable.

During your massage, the room will be set up to create a soothing ambience. The room will be slightly darkened, and there will likely be soothing music playing while the therapist works on each part of your body. As for conversation, it’s up to you - it’s whatever makes you feel more relaxed.

Q: Speaking of getting undressed – how much clothing should I remove?

A: Again, it’s all about you and your relaxation. Your massage therapist will be able to work with whatever choice you make regarding clothing. If you’d prefer to leave undergarments on, that is fine. If you'd prefer to go nude, this is also fine. Remember, for most of your treatment, your massage therapist will keep the majority of your body covered by a sheet, with only the areas being worked on uncovered. Our therapists are experts in protecting your modesty - and theirs!

We would suggest that you have a think about the treatment you are receiving and how to get the most out of it. If you’re getting a full-body massage, something like a bra can interfere with any work focusing on your back and shoulders as some muscles run the entire expanse of the back. Having access to the entire area allows more thorough work.

Q: To talk or not to talk?

A: Our Massage Me therapists will take your lead on the flow of conversation, or lack thereof. This is your massage, your experience, and your call. You should, however, definitely speak up if you’d like a change in massage pressure, have any questions, or forgot to mention something during the consultation. But please don’t feel like you have to make conversation, after all, this is a massage, not a social function.

Q: I’m embarrassed about a certain area of my body...

A: Massage Me therapists are focused on the feel and condition of your muscles, joints, and ligaments, and not whether you have knobbly knees. However, you are always welcome to ask him or her to avoid a certain area during a massage if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Q: What is Massage Me’s cancellation policy?

A: You can cancel or reschedule your treatment up to 24 hours prior to your treatment with no penalty. Please phone us on 0033 (0)4 79 04 20 66 to make any amendments to your booking.

Q: Do I need to provide anything?

A: Massage Me therapists will arrive with everything they need for you and your treatment. The only thing we need from you is to make sure you have the space available for the treatment to take place. Make sure you have a space large enough for the massage bed and a therapist to move comfortably around it. Also consider letting others in your accommodation know you are receiving a massage so that they can keep noise and interruptions to a minimum. This will ensure that you get the most out of your Massage Me treatment.

Q: You don’t cover my resort! Help!

A: Massage Me are constantly expanding, so call us on 0033 (0)4 79 04 20 66 or email us at to see if we have arrived in your resort.

Q: How can I book a massage?

A: To book your little slice of heaven, head to our bookings page here or call our Customer Care team on 0033 (0)4 79 04 20 66. If you are on holiday, you can also speak to your hosts who will be happy to help.

Our aim is to always provide a treatment that exceeds your expectations. So if you would like to discuss anything further about an upcoming treatment or have any questions you’d like answering before you book, please call us on 00 33 (0)4 79 04 20 66 anytime between 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.


Groups of three hours or more will receive a 15% discount