Trans Provence

Massage Me are proud to have worked with the Trans Provence since their first event in 2009. Now we are pleased to be on board for the final year.

Do you spend a small fortune on keeping your bike gear at it’s best? Don’t forget about the most important piece of kit - YOU!


Receiving a massage during an intense training or event week, has shown to :

  • Remove toxins

  • Reduce muscle pain and inflammation

  • Increase blood flow to tired muscles

  • Help manage and prevent injuries

  • Enhance your performance the following day!


Reading this right now, you might not know what your trouble spots are going to be. Every body is different and so every massage from a Massage Me therapist will be different - to focus on what YOU and your body needs.


As you can imagine, our therapist's time throughout the TP is in high demand and limited in availability! 

It's essential that you reserve any massages you require. Simply fill out the below form with as much information as possible. You can of course book multiple treatments over the course of your event to keep you loose and in top form throughout all your rides. A member of the Massage Me team will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm your reservations. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, call us today on 0033 (0)4 79 04 20 66 or email

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