New Years Eve : Eat, Drink and be Merry!

It’s here, not just the holiday season - but the FESTIVE holiday season! Which can either fill you with excitement or dread, depending on how you plan to spend New Years Eve. 

But either way, there is often no escaping feeling a little worse for wear come Jan 1st 2020 - whether it’s alcohol induced or lack of sleep. So what is a person to do if you’ve over-indulged and find yourself starting January not quite as your ‘best self’?

Massage for Better Sleep

Stress and anxiety are a growing part of everyday life. They often bring sleeplessness along with them. To keep it all under control, you need effective ways to manage stress and get the rest you need. What better way than a massage? Massage does more than make you feel good, it activates the nervous system, reduces stress hormones, and decreases pain. When you put those benefits together with healthy sleep habits, you’re looking at better sleep and stress that doesn’t determine the course of your life.