Aftercare Advice

Massage Me’s mobile treatments are designed to help you make time for yourself and relax you, body and mind.

There are numerous studies into massage therapy and there are many proven benefits to receiving treatments, including :

  • Increased circulation

  • Removal of toxins from your system

  • Improved metabolism

  • Relax muscles and joints

  • Provide a sense of well being

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve sleep quality

To keep these feelings of wellbeing going and going … and going! Here are our top tips on how to look after yourself after you hop off our table.

  • Make time to rest and relax immediately after the treatment. This allows the blood pressure to return to normal as it will often drop during the massage.

  • Increase the amount of water you drink over the next few days. This helps you body to flush out the toxins that the massage will have released into your system.

  • If you have had a massage with aromatherapy oils, avoid having a shower, or a bath for a long as possible, allowing the oils to fully penetrate your skin

  • If you haven’t used aromatherapy oils, then hop in the bath! Enjoy a relaxing soak and pop on some chill-out tunes to keep the atmosphere going. Make sure to use, moisturising, natural products to avoid drying out the skin.

  • Re-dress in loose clothing and tight and man-made fibres inhibit lymph flow. Use it as an excuse to don those PJs early!

  • Make sure to wrap up warm as well. You can often feel the cold after a treatment.

  • Try to avoid stimulants like caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes intake - otherwise, you’re just adding the toxins back into your body!

  • Avoid strenuous activity, but regular exercise (e.g. stretching) will help with muscle contraction and lymph flow

Sometimes, you may feel a few side effects after a massage - but they are all signs that the massage was a success and your body is eliminating toxins from your system and beginning to self-heal. You might experience :

  • The need for more regular trips to the toilet

  • Cold like - symptoms like a headache, runny nose and/or cough

  • Slight rash as the skin rebalances

  • Any dormant conditions, which have been suppressed, could flare up temporarily as part of the healing process

  • Changes to usual sleeping pattern - either extremely deep sleep or difficulty sleeping and vivid dreams

  • Achy or sore muscles - especially after a sports or deep tissue massage

These reactions will be short lived - around 24 / 28 hours and not something to worry about but a sign of the body rebalancing and cleansing itself. However, if you have any concerns, please call us on +33 (0)4 79 04 20 66 7 days a week, between 8am - 8pm.

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